Leading universities in Australia 和 UK set out plans for closer ties following Free Trade Agreement


Top research universities from the UK 和 Australia are joining forces to find new ways of delivering ground breaking research, 增加贸易, 投资促进两国经济发展.

In a joint letter sent to the Australian 和 British foreign 和 trade ministers, the Chairs of the 八国集团 (Go8) 和 the 罗素联盟, their countries’ key representative bodies for world-class research-intensive universities, said they would establish a new committee to look at ways to increase two-way research collaboration 和 explore how this could be used to boost trade 和 investment 和 support economic growth.

It comes after a l和mark new free trade agreement (FTA) between Australia 和 the United Kingdom 签署 在2021年12月,然后 访问 of Foreign Secretary Liz Truss 和 Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to Australia last month to forge closer defence 和 security ties with the nation.

Proposals to maximise the new opportunities created by the FTA include a 研究和创新的战略联盟 基于共同的研究力量; 促进学生和研究人员的流动; removing barriers to 商业化 between researchers 和 industry partners; 和 减少官僚主义 through shared IP, data sharing agreements, 和 minimising travel restrictions.

这封信, 由Margaret Gardner教授(主席)签署, 八国集团) 和 Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell (Chair, 推荐几个体彩外围app)可以在下面找到.

Commenting, Dr Tim Bradshaw, Chief Executive of the 罗素联盟, said: 

“Australia is already one of the UK’s closest research collaborators, 和 the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement provides a fantastic opportunity to strengthen academic ties that will help us advance knowledge, develop new skills 和 tackle major challenges including net zero. We will be looking at our shared national priorities 和 at disciplines where we have world-leading 和 complementary research strengths such as in the social sciences, AI, 清洁技术或健康.

“People 和 ideas will be at the heart of our economic recovery 和 future growth, so we’re excited to work with our Go8 partners in Australia to explore how the Free Trade Agreement could help bring down barriers to talent flow 和 enhance research 和 commercial activity between our two countries.”

Vicki Thomson, Chief Executive of the 八国集团, said:

“世界一流的研究 by the 八国集团 和 罗素联盟 is critical to the economic future of both countries.  的 FTA provides an important opportunity to strengthen Australian 和 British cooperation in higher education 和 research, 和 to deliver tangible social 和 economic benefits to both nations.  COVID-19大流行 has highlighted the value of university research to the economy, health 和 security of our nation.  

Fostering stronger partnerships with like-minded countries through agreements such as the Australia-UK FTA 和 the trilateral AUKUS partnership is essential in this era of geopolitical change. 的 Go8 罗素联盟 alliance will cement 和 exp和 our bilateral partnerships, 提供世界一流的教育, cutting edge research outcomes 和 商业化 opportunities to support economic growth 和 social wellbeing.”



罗素联盟 代表英国24所顶尖大学. We believe people 和 ideas are the key to meeting global challenges. Through world-class research 和 education we are helping to create a dynamic economy, stronger communities 和 a better future for the UK. 

八国集团 (Go8) comprises Australia’s leading research-intensive universities. 它专注于, 并且是一个领导者, influencing the development 和 delivery of long-term sustainable national higher education 和 research policy, 和 in developing elite international alliances 和 research partnerships.

的 Go8 和 the 罗素联盟 are their country’s key representative body for world-class research-intensive universities, with the eight members of the Go8 accounting for more than 70 per cent of Australia’s university research activity, 和, 相对, the 24 members of the 罗素联盟 producing 68 per cent of the UK’s university research activity.

2016 - 2020之间, Australia was the UK’s fifth most frequent academic collaborator, 和 the UK was Australia’s third most frequent academic collaborator.

2016 - 2020之间, the Go8 produced 43,668 co-publications with a UK partner.

2016 - 2020之间, the Go8 produced 29,123 co-publications with 罗素联盟大学.