Blended learning at 罗素联盟大学



Students can expect most 研讨会, small group classes and lab work to be taught in-person, alongside a range of extra-curricular activity, social events and support services on campus. 作为ο消退, 推荐几个体彩外围app所有的大学都计划恢复或已经恢复了面对面教学. 

数字化学习的一个元素, which was an important feature of university courses pre-pandemic, will continue – both to enhance learning and also to provide the flexibility to respond to public health measures or local outbreaks where necessary while minimising disruption. 

Alongside a return to in-person 研讨会 and group study, we’ve heard from students that many see benefits in keeping some larger lectures online, welcoming the increased flexibility in the learning process, greater accessibility and better engagement with course content.

What is ‘blended’ or ‘hybrid’ learning?

Blended learning involves enhancing in-person lectures, 研讨会, 小组讨论, 教程, lab work and workshops with technology, digital learning or high-quality online materials for self-study (see examples below). 

Learning is personal and social, which is why in-person teaching is so important. And why our universities are looking to use digital to improve and not to replace on-campus teaching and learning.

In developing blended learning our universities are reviewing how in-person or ‘contact hours’ are spent to maximise the benefits of this time for students. 例如, 探索如何利用数字技术更有效地进行讲座和研讨会,或使其更具互动性, such as through flipped teaching.

翻转教学是指学生在上课前在线接触定制材料, 哪些可以帮助介绍一个概念,并为学生能够利用面对面的课堂时间进行更深入的研究做准备, 与其他学生合作, 和讲师互动. The result is that the time spent in the classroom – whether for a seminar, a lecture or a workshop – is much more active and effective. Flipped teaching has been adopted across the world and the educational benefits of this type of approach were already influencing how universities were shaping their approach before the pandemic.   


Traditional lectures – where a lecturer talks to a large group of students – only made up a small proportion of teaching and learning pre-pandemic and are likely feature much less in the future. 这是因为这种教学形式远不如小规模的小组会议和讲习班具有交互性和个性化.

而不是, 罗素联盟大学 are reshaping their approach to encourage interaction, 深入学习, 学生更积极的参与,这样他们就能推动他们的个人学习经验, 随着时间的推移有了选择, place and pace of their learning.

As well as increased student choice and flexible learning, 一种混合的方法将有助于毕业生为一个日益数字化的世界做好准备,这个世界需要敏捷性和数字技能. More interactive learning through 小组讨论 and workshops also ensures that our students will be developing skills that are important in the workplace such as collaboration and communication skills.


推荐几个体彩外围app的大学 work closely with students to understand their views on the aspects of learning and teaching that are working well and to identify areas where improvements can be made. The past year has been no exception to this; our universities have run multiple surveys and focus groups to understand students’ views on teaching and learning during the pandemic and what they want for the future.

通过这种接触, 推荐几个体彩外围app的大学听说,学生们非常重视学习过程中增加的灵活性, particularly from lectures being available online, but also from the increased presence of other online materials. 这使得学生能够以最适合自己的方式和时间来学习. Having content available online has also increased the accessibility of materials and students have reported feeling less anxiety about missing course content, particularly for those students with medical conditions, 一定的障碍, 或者是照顾他人的责任,这些责任会让你在特定的时间难以上课. 由于这些原因,许多学生表达了继续在线授课的愿望.

学生的反馈也证实了推荐几个体彩外围app的理解,即学生真的很重视面对面的交流, especially where these are in small groups, 教程 and workshops and also practical lab sessions and field work. This feedback reinforces the drive from our universities to focus in-person teaching and learning in these areas whilst using digital methods to enhance these sessions and ensure students get the most from them.

Is the shift to blended learning in response to the pandemic?


Universities were already making use of technology before the pandemic and changing many on-campus spaces to make them suitable for interactive teaching and learning. But the pandemic has undoubtedly been a catalyst for further change, and universities are working to ensure the aspects of teaching, learning and assessment that have been effective online during the pandemic can be retained and built on for the future for the benefit of all students. 

在约克大学, the Archaeology department adopted a number of digital solutions to support their teaching and learning during the pandemic which are now being taken forward to enhance the future learning experience. This included a range of short explainer videos on themes such as ‘how to choose a dissertation subject’ and ‘identifying animal and human bones’. The department also arranged digital interviews with individuals working in the sector, including from commercial archaeology units, the Council of British Archaeology, 和电视主持人. These were highly rated by students who not only got module content from different perspectives but also gained a better understanding of different career paths. 该部门还一直在努力设计材料,以应对无障碍挑战, 例如,将在线讲座也作为播客提供,并包含对视觉元素(如工件)的音频描述.


The Geography department at the 利物浦大学, run a programme of practical classes for first year undergraduate students where, 每个星期, students rotate around different practicals, 收集数据, 分析和解释它. 在大流行期间, the department adapted by filming, 编辑和叙述超过150个实验室测量视频和超过500个显微镜图像, 在第一个学期. 这项计划将于2021/22学年推行,以支援学生的学习, 允许他们在实验室实践中参考视频,以及在独立学习或写论文时. This blended approach has also made the module more accessible to students, providing an opportunity for students who miss practical sessions for valid reasons, such as medical or caring responsibilities, to be able to go through practical work in their own time.

Are universities moving courses online to reduce costs and contact hours?

The shift to blended learning is not about saving money, but about enhancing the learning experience and making the teaching provision better. 事实上, universities have invested millions of pounds to supplement in-person teaching with quality digital provision that is inclusive and accessible.

例如, 自2020年3月以来,曼彻斯特大学已投资约300万英镑支持混合学习, including in equipment for staff (microphones, 网络摄像头, 绘图平板电脑, 等), IT资源与技术, as well as expanding staff resource. 这包括将其电子学习支持团队增加约20%,新增24名教学设计师和学习技术人员.

Equally, there is no driver to reduce contact hours through blended learning. 各学科之间的联系时数差别很大,方案负责人将继续为其学科选择最适当的方法. 然而, 大学在混合式学习中所做的就是看看如何使用面对面的接触时间, and exploring whether they can be more effectively delivered or made more interactive, 使学生从这段时间中获得最大的利益,并确保最好的学习经验.


在推荐几个体彩外围app的大学里,数字技术和学习正在以各种方式得到应用, from concise video-based packages designed to introduce concepts, 参加互动式研讨会和数字实践活动,如绘图任务和数字实验室工作. The technologies used and how these work to support in-person session, will depend on the disciplines and programme of study. Some specific examples are outlined below.

The 华威大学’s Medical School has developed a GP longitudinal virtual patient to mimic the long term and episodic interactions between a GP and their patient. Initially piloted in 2020 with one year group , 叙述性的发展是为了在四年的课程中向学生传递这种虚拟的学习体验. 全科医生纵向虚拟病人在整个课程中遵循克林顿琼斯的案例. 学生们与他进行了初步的“虚拟会诊”,并收到了他的血检结果供他们评论. 他的故事, which is grounded in the local area of Coventry, 与学生一起发展,帮助他们应用他们的学习,随着他们的课程进步.


The 利兹大学 has developed a virtual landscape for geology mapping. Originally created with disabled students in mind, this virtual landscape has now been rolled out to all students. 虚拟景观是一种虚拟现实环境,旨在发展地质测绘和野外技能. The 3D topographic map are used to introduce students to the concept of reading the landscape from a map and The 3D geological maps allow students to observe how changes in the strike or dip of a rock change the outcrop pattern and can be used to encourage students to develop their own rules for how patterns change. 在进行第一次地质测绘实地考察之前使用测绘景观,并作为大学地质图课程的一部分.


The Engineering department at the 爱丁堡大学 offers first year students a chance to use the university’s media platform to collaborate on project work. Students are asked to play with their role as “engineers in the making” and are challenged to deliver on four different group projects to develop their professional skills and engineering judgement. The students collaborate online to produce videos showing machines they have designed and built and in doing so demonstrate their ability to interact and coordinate project work digitally. 学生团体的视频是公开授权的,并在工程学院的媒体频道上发布,供全世界观看. The students’ work showcases a collaborative and creative learning activity which has been developed by the course team and builds on investment that has been made by the university in media platforms for learning.


伦敦帝国理工学院使用许多虚拟实验室工具来补充校园体验. 例如, Labster, which gives students access to a realistic lab experience that will let them perform experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free learning environment. Labster contains over 200 simulations, from microbiology to anatomy and chemistry. 虚拟实验室允许学生在自己的时间和节奏中进行实践,以补充面对面的实验室工作, with the online tools allowing them to repeat experiments as many times as they need. 教学人员也能够跟踪活动和评估学生的进步使用互动数据, 允许他们提供反馈,并在需要时为学生提供额外的支持.


Our briefing on blended learning: